Eric Cheney

Security Management; Web Development

Richmond, Va.

Skills & Interests

  • People Management

  • Strong Knowledge of HR and Employment Law Practices

  • Strategic Mindset

  • Exemplary Conflict Management

  • Strong Attention to Detail

  • Expert Problem Solver

  • Experienced Change Agent

  • Project and Process Management
  • Computer Programming

  • Software/App Development

  • Web Development

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Continuous Self-Teaching in Programming & Technology

  • Advanced Skill-Set in GSuite/Sheets & Office/Excel


  • Strayer University:

    Bachelor's of Business Administration
    , Concentration in Contract Management and Acquisitions -
    160 Credits Earned
    of 180 Credits Total
    needed to Graduate
  • United States Marine Corps:

    Combat Engineering
    , Advanced Infantry and Explosives Demolitions Training, along with Construction and Demolition Training -
    Voluntary Combat Tour in Iraq
  • Nelson County High School:

    Advanced High School Diploma
    , with Governor's Seal and Building Trades Completion Seal
  • Online Continuing Self-Education:

    including Codecademy, W3Schools, Google Developers Training, Amazon Educate, Mozilla MDN, Udemy,, etc.
    , Learning Various Programming Languages, Web Development, GSuite Manipulation, etc.


  • American Red Cross (ARC):

    Instructor -
    Adult and Pediatric CPR/First Aid/AED
  • American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI):

    Instructor -
    Basic First Aid; CPR/AED; Wilderness First Aid; Bloodborne Pathogens; Emergency Oxygen Administration; Child and Babysitting Safety; Pediatric CPR, AED and First Aid
  • Larry Smith Enterprises:

    Instructor -
    Techniques and Tactics for Handcuffing

    Instructor -
    Aerosol Weapons OC Spray
  • Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS):

    Unarmed Security Officer, Alarm Respondent

Current Employment

  • Client Portfolio Manager:

    Capital One -
    Allied Universal Security Services
    • Responsible for overseeing ~5,000 working hours delivered per week, and 2 Exempt Regional Account Managers, with a total of ~150 employees.
    • Responsible for the overall strategic direction, tone, and tempo for the Regional Contract Security program of a Fortune 500 Corporate Partner, and client-specific plan for achieving agreed-upon service levels and meeting actionable expectations for delivering measurable results
      • This Portfolio consists of 19 Buildings and properties in the Central Virginia/Richmond & Hampton Roads Region, to include a Corporate Headquarters campus, a mixed Call Center and Business Professional Campus, satellite campus’, and 2 Data Centers.
    • Responsible for overseeing contract compliance for the entire portfolio, and implementing and enforcing any and all strategic goals for achieving those compliance goals.
    • Responsible for meeting or exceeding all operational goals for the porfolio by providing high-quality, professional, competent and committed service and an outstanding client and employee experience
    • Responsible for building and maintaining long-term and meaningful Client partnerships, and managing that ongoing relationship, ensuring world-class security and customer service.
    • Focus on hiring, development, and retention of appropriate Regional Account Manager and Security Officers.
    • Communicate high service level expectations consistently to the Management team to ensure client and employee satisfaction and retention.
    • Manage all Projects related to the regional Portfolio.
    • Coordinating the day-to-day team effort of Regional Account Managers and other assigned personnel to ensure that services are delivered in a quality, consistent, and cost effective manner.
    • Work with, and guide, the subordinate Regional Account Managers to ensure that all contractually scheduled hours are met with a minimum of unbilled overtime.
    • Coach, counsel, develop, and guide assigned Regional Account Managers to assist them with their opportunity for career advancement/promotability.
    • Produce, read, interpret, and maintain a variety of financial, business, and human resources-related reports in order to assist in effectively running the assinged business segment.
    • Responsible for Overseeing Expenses and Budgets, through EBITDA, Overtime, and Expenditures, for assigned business segment, including monitoring and approving Regional Account Manager's Expenses.
    • Work with all levels in the organization to identify, analyze and solve problems and create opportunities for continuous improvement.
    • Act as liaison between Allied Universal and the customer to foster customer intimacy, including travel to/from face to face meetings.
    • Constantly strategize, and continuously provide innovation in processes and procedures, in order to provide a world-class security program.

Past Employment

  • Regional Account Manager:

    Capital One -
    Allied Universal Security Services
    • Directly responsible for ~3,000 working hours delivered per week. That includes:
      • Human Capital Direct Reports of ~100 Security Officers, up to 8 Supervisors, and up to 8 Armed Tactical Response Officers.
      • Responsible for being intimately familiar with the contract governing the scope of work, and ensuring that it is managed correctly in my book of business, and ensuring that all employees are in compliance, in accordance with said contract.
    • Directly Responsible for the day-to-day Safety and Security of 9 Client Buildings in the CVA & Hampton Roads Region.

  • Director of Security - Retail Division:

    Simon Property Group/WPG -
    Allied Universal Security Services
    • Directly responsible for the Safety and Security of all shopping center guests and employees.
    • Emergency Response Manager
    • Responsible for all incident investigations, these include but are not limited to the following; Loss Prevention Incidents, Safety/Injury Incidents, Standards of Conduct Violations, Illegal Activity, Gang Activity, Guest Complaints, Trespass Violations, Missing Persons, Missing and/or Damaged Vehicles/Property, etc.
    • Responsible for re-building, implementing and maintaining the Safety and Security program for the shopping center, from the ground up – ownership transition occurred when I was arriving, therefore everything had to be reviewed and altered to fit the needs of the new owners.
    • Responsible for developing, maintaining, and growing relationships with local Law Enforcement.
    • Serves as the Liaison between local Law Enforcement leadership and the Shopping Center.

  • Contract Account Manager/Site Supervisor:

    Allied Universal Security Services
    • Responsible for the local management of a national contract – various duties and responsibilities related to the above listed positions.
    • Responsible for Badging Administration and Issuance/Creation of said badges.

  • Site Supervisor:

    Hollister, Inc. -
    Allied Universal Security Services
    • Managed site-wide security; making changes and suggestions for tighter security.
    • Brought in to save contract, and received the company’s Presidential Leadership award in less than a year for excellent leadership and improving the site from one of the worst in the district, to one of the best.
    • Responsible for Badging Administration and Issuance/Creation of said badges.

  • Cleared American Guard:

    Defense Intelligence Agency -
    American Security Programs
    • Security and Access Control as a DOD-cleared officer, for the Defense Intelligence Agency
    • Top Secret Department of Defense Clearance, with SCI qualification.


United States Marine Corps Combat Engineer Logo
  • United States Marine Corps:

    Combat Engineer -
    Division - Embedded Infantry
    • Voluntary Combat Deployment - Habbaniyah, Iraq.
    • Was chosen to lead the security operations for a Personnel Security Detachment, where high-ranking battalion-level officials are transported and protected outside of the wire.
    • Division engineer, whose duties consisted of embedding directly with Infantry Units, and conducting explosives breaching, mine sweeping, weapons cache sweeping, building clearance, offensive patrolling operations, route clearance sweeps, etc.
    • Other duties, training, and operations included, but were nto limited to: conducting engineer reconnaissance; emplace obstacle systems; conduct breaching operations, to include reducing explosive hazards; conduct mine/countermine operations; employ demolitions and military explosives; conduct urban breaching; conduct route clearance; provide assault bridging, tactical bridging and non-standard bridging/repair; construct and maintain combat roads and trails; construct expedient roads and airfield/ landing zones; design and construct survivability positions; perform expedient vertical and horizontal construction; design, construct and maintain base camps/forward operating bases and combat outposts; and fight as provisional infantry.
    • This training and these duties that I learned and performed in my time-in-service, has provided me with a rock-solid foundation for which the rest of my life has been built on. The leadership training alone has been invaluable, but the discipline that my service has instille din me has been one of the most cross-functional skills I have ever had the chance to learn, and I carry it with me every day of my life.